I’m "published"!

In the off-season I’ll sometimes do a bit of commercial work – most often architectural photography. I love architecture and I love trying to capture the essence of a building, esp. when it’s lit up at night as the camera can capture more than our eyes can see in these situations.

I did some work for Grail Springs Spa in Bancroft this winter. The place is pretty amazing and although I had my reservations about spending the weekend at a spa, we both had a great time nonetheless…partially due to the fact that I could take pictures but also because it was a real high class place situated on the shores of a beautiful lake in Cottage Country. They have a gourmet chef who put together some delicious meals and the entire atmosphere is geared towards total relaxation and wellness. I think we’ll have to go back after this busy wedding season!

Anyway, the point of this post was to announce that one of the photos I captured there is soon going to be published in the Ontario’s Finest Inns & Spas annual booklet. Ok, so it’s not Time or National Geographic, but you’ll probably see them displayed at most local inns and spas (100,000 production run). Look for this image inside:

I also do quite a bit of architectural / real estate work for a local log home company by the name of Colonial Concepts Log Homes. Some of my work for them have ended up on magazine covers and feature articles for magazines around the world (which was pretty exciting, esp. the first cover!). Here are a couple of covers from “Gerendahazak” Magazine in Hungary (don’t ask me what anything on the cover says, I don’t know any Hungarian):

And another:

And one from a more local magazine (USA):

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