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Melissa & Paul – Engagement | Michael Moore Photography

Melissa & Paul – Engagement

Last week we made our way out to Paletta Lakefront Park and Mansion in Burlington for Melissa and Paul’s engagement session.  It was a fantastic place for photos (as evident by the 3 wedding parties that were roaming the grounds on a Friday evening) and the sky was beautiful and dramatic.

dramatic engagement session

romantic engagement session

A gaggle of geese were milling about in the background for the first few shots in this series then suddenly they all took flight and we got this cool shot as a result (and managed not to get pooped on too):

I’ve been wanting to try this lighting setup for a while and I’m very happy with how it turned out:

engagement session paletta lakefront park

There was hardly any colourful foliage on the property (except for one nice red tree in the parking lot) but this one little corner of a tree looked nice so I found a way to incorporate it into a photo by backing up and compressing the perspective with a long lens:

paletta park engagement photos

The combination of a dramatic sky and some off-camera lighting (plus my new toy – a mini softbox) make for a romantic conclusion to our little engagement story:

I hope you guys had a fun time and I look forward to catching up with you at the wedding when we’re back from Italy.



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