Maryse & Evan – Park Hyatt Toronto Wedding

I’m excited share some images from the elegant winter wedding of Maryse and Evan.

We started out at the ritzy Park Hyatt in downtown Toronto:


I love creating dramatic and fashionable portraits, but beautiful unscripted moments like these are just as important to capture:


Of course, we always get the typical “looking at the camera shots” with the families but I almost always prefer the ones where they’re interacting with each other to get much more honest and emotive expressions:


Before the ceremony (and before the early sunset), we got some great shots in the gorgeous courtyard at the Chapel of Trinity College on the University of Toronto campus.


The chapel itself had extremely low light (for you photo-buffs, this shot was taken at maxed-out settings of ISO 6400, f/2.8 and 1/50 sec at 90mm) but we managed to get some great shots of the processional none-the-less.  I love all the expressions in this shot and greatly appreciated the fact that the guests were actually watching the bride and her dad rather than trying to film it with their iPads or washing out the subjects with their camera’s bright red focus-assist beams. 😉


Did I say low light?  This shot was almost entirely lit by one tiny candle. 🙂


Once nice thing about low-light churches is that you can light the whole place with a single on-camera bounce flash:


Back to the Park Hyatt for the reception in the Roof Salon with a spectacular view of the Toronto skyline:


I absolutely love bumping into past clients and their wonderful families at weddings (though I never seem to have enough time to catch up with them) and this one had two past couples!  It was great to see you all again!


Tell me again how you’re not photogenic? 😉  You both looked fantastic and it was such a pleasure working with you again (speaking of which…engagement photos coming to the blog soon).

I hope you both had a wonderful day and an amazing honeymoon!



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