Thursday, November 23, 2006

Sherri & Lee Wedding

Last month I had the honour of shooting the wedding of my friends Lee and Sherri. I've known Lee since high school and it was great to share their special day with them in a way that only a wedding photographer can. Not many guests get to hang out with the bride and groom non-stop from the time the bride gets dressed until after dinner.

Here are some of my favourites from the day:

I love this moment as Sherri sees herself in her wedding gown for the first time on her wedding day:

I think having the bride and groom meet early in the day helps to make the ceremony a little less stressful, but it's obvious these two didn't need to worry about that part:

Lee lookin' pretty darn suave: ;)

We got rained out the whole day, which was a bummer 'cause I know they both really wanted to be outside, but we made do with what we had in the hotel lobby and the restaurant:

Life imitates art:

Sorry to the guests we had to kick off the couch, but I think the results were worth it:

Gotta love those funny speeches!:

There's always such a great range of expressions during the first dances and this was no exception:

And finally, here's me with "my three brides". I photographed Judy's wedding in 2004, Becky's in 2005 and now Sherri. I love referrals! :)

To Sherri & Lee: I'm so glad that the bad weather didn't dampen your spirits on your wedding day. You're truly great people and Iveta and I are honoured to be considered your friends. Hope you had an amazing time in Hawaii!




Anonymous Gerri said...

The colour in your photos is always breathtaking. You've really made the best of bad weather. Wonderful work, as always. :)

7:45 AM  

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